Celebrating Womanhood

We celebrate life, and its pleasures, and its pain, the good and the bad. But most of all, we celebrate the one who creates it. We celebrate every woman, every day, creating magic. Today, let’s celebrate the entire process behind the magic. Periods! The beginning of a girl’s womanhood, her strength, her power, unfortunately has not been celebrated but looked down upon so far.

It’s a feeling of immense, overwhelming happiness when a child is born in every household, but, incredible misery and embarrassment every month before and after that, because the world celebrates the life that has been created but finds it difficult to equally embrace the fact that a woman has to bleed 5 days every month to actually shape that little piece of hope we call life!

Why is it that the facts and figures of women going through sheer embarrassment and utmost neglect when on periods are not a matter of great concern? What does it take in a human to understand that no matter how ugly it may seem, it’s a beautiful process of life? How do we step up above the unworthy norms and shallow customs that can’t let a woman get access to her basic need, respect? Well, aren’t these some easy questions you think of every time you experience such events? Stop thinking, start celebrating! Celebrate womanhood, celebrate periods, celebrate life!

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