Disposal of sanitary pads

Haven’t periods always been this big discrete issue? Moreover, the bigger issue is, all us girls have always tried to be specific and use the best suited sanitary napkins. Let us all ponder upon the seriousness of, and enact the proper disposal of these sanitary pads after use.

It is normal to have questions when you first start using menstrual products. The main goal of sanitary pad disposal is to get rid of them in a clean and hygienic way. Sanitary pads can safely be disposed of at home or even when not at home in a few, quick steps: 1. Always change your pad every 6 hours. Fold your used sanitary pad in half to cover the menstrual blood, leaving only the adhesive side of the pad exposed. (This is to cover the blood and avoid its disclosure or stink)
2. Wrap a few layers of toilet paper/newspaper/any waste paper around the sanitary pad, which keeps the pad folded closed. If you prefer, you can place the wrapped sanitary pad inside a small plastic or paper bag, or inside the wrapper that belongs to your next sanitary pad.
3. Discard the wrapped sanitary pad in trash cans located inside cabinets, like under the bathroom sink, or ones with lids.
4. Wash your hands with soap and warm water. (Duh!)
5. Empty the trash cans that contain used sanitary pads every two days to prevent odor. Bacteria that grows on old sanitary pads can cause an unpleasant odor to develop after a few days. NEVER! Try to flush the pads in the toilet seat. It ends up in a clog and is not good for the entire sewage system.
Safe disposal of sanitary napkins is not that tough a job after all. But, it is one of the most important things each of us should do to maintain our personal hygiene, as well as for those who are around us. Don’t forget to drink hot chocolate!

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